Torando is a 86 lb. Saint Bernard /Blue Heeler Mix puppy. His birthday is Jan 2, 2011. I’ve had Tornado since March or April of 2011. And he has lived up to his name. As a puppy he was very destructive. He would chew through the wooden baby gates we had to keep him in the kitchen as he was learning to be potty trained. He chewed a hole in my mother’s kitchen wall. We bought that spray that is supposed to make the dog not like the taste of things….he chewed up the bottle of the spray. So he is pretty destructive. Well as time continued, I continued to try to find toys and things that would last him. I have failed most the time but a few toys though rags at this point are still around. After thinking about it, I decided to make a blog about my dog and his destructive ways on these indestructible items. I hope you find this blog informative, funny, helpful, and just plain cute. So from Tornado and I to you… bite in and enjoy.